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Transparent, Traceable Supply Chain

We Want to Know Where Our Food and Clothing Comes From, and We Know Our Customers Do, Too.

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We want to know where our food and clothing come from — and we know our customers do too. One thing that sets Central Grazing Company apart is our ability to trace the end product back to the stewards and lands that grew them because of how we produce our food and fiber.

All of our partners are located in the U.S., and we work within regional supply chains supporting local economies in the Heartland. We have close relationships with all of our partners, which allows us traceability for all the cuts and products we offer. We strive to source certified 100% grass-fed and Animal Welfare Approved lamb; however, because of a broken food system, we cannot guarantee 100% certified lamb. However, we can guarantee that our highest priority is to create a local and regional decentralized supply chain of 100% certified lamb raised by independent farmers in the Heartland. We guarantee that our lambs spend the majority of their lives on pasture and are raised to high ethical standards. We guarantee that we work with our farmers to improve their animal welfare standards and practices.

 As we grow this movement together, we will be supporting healthier supply chains from the ground to your plate. There is a lot of work to be done to achieve the radical, systemic reinvention we envision. It needs all of us — including you.

We’re committed to ensuring the quality of our products and are always looking for more ways to truly be zero-waste shepherds. We’re grateful for our trusted partners who assist us in those efforts.

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Just as we care for our land and our animals, we care for the people who are involved in each aspect of our business from farmers and field workers to those who manufacture our products.

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tanning leather for The Meg leather bag

Central Grazing Company’s principal mission is to provide our livestock with good, peaceful and humane lives.

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tanning leather for The Meg leather bag

Everything we do has an origin that begins with the soil. We know that creating a truly regenerative business starts by regenerating our land.

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