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Founded in 2015, Central Grazing Company is committed to supporting regenerative agriculture practices and empowering regional farmers.

Our Mission is to:

  • Raise lambs ethically according to the highest animal welfare standards
  • Regenerate grasslands by producing food that benefits the planet
  • Create economic value for independent, regional farmers
  • Provide living wages to our workers
  • Build a transparent supply chain that aims for zero waste

We are dedicated to creating a just and equitable food system that respects the people working the land, the animals we care for, and the planet that sustains us all. At Central Grazing Company, we understand that the choices we make to feed ourselves have a significant impact on the Earth and a lasting effect on us. We collaborate with producers, the stewards of animals, and the land, in creating climate solutions that honor the Earth. We connect conscious consumers with our partner stewards to shift a broken system — sparking a movement to buy sustainable products that are healthy for you, your family and community, and the planet. 

Each of us has the power to make decisions that positively impact the world. Thank you for supporting Central Grazing Company as you make mindful purchasing choices.

white sheep grazing on midwestern grass on a farm that practices ethical animal faming


We’re proud to be working to transform the food system through our commitment to a transparent, traceable supply chain, animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, and a healthy local economy.

Transparent, Traceable Supply Chain


We want to know where our food and clothing come from — and we know our customers do too. One thing that sets Central Grazing Company apart is our ability to trace the end product back to the stewards and lands that grew them because of how we produce our food and fiber.

All of our partners are located in the U.S., and we work within regional supply chains supporting local economies in the Heartland. We have close relationships with all of our partners, which allows us traceability for all the cuts and products we offer. We strive to source certified 100% grass-fed and Animal Welfare Approved lamb; however, because of a broken food system, we cannot guarantee 100% certified lamb. However, we can guarantee that our highest priority is to create a local and regional decentralized supply chain of 100% certified lamb raised by independent farmers in the Heartland. We guarantee that our lambs spend the majority of their lives on pasture and are raised to high ethical standards. We guarantee that we work with our farmers to improve their animal welfare standards and practices.

 As we grow this movement together, we will be supporting healthier supply chains from the ground to your plate. There is a lot of work to be done to achieve the radical, systemic reinvention we envision. It needs all of us — including you.

We’re committed to ensuring the quality of our products and are always looking for more ways to truly be zero-waste shepherds. We’re grateful for our trusted partners who assist us in those efforts.

Animal Welfare


Central Grazing Company’s principal mission is to provide our livestock with good, peaceful, and humane lives. We work actively to achieve our goal of sourcing lambs from ethically raised flocks that meet the highest animal welfare standards. We strive to source certified 100% grass-fed and Animal Welfare Approved lamb. We guarantee that our lambs spend the majority of their lives on pasture and are raised to high ethical standards.  (Learn more; see Traceable Supply Chain.)

Prioritizing strong animal welfare standards is important to us because we believe how we raise our lambs leads to healthier soil, a healthier planet and better lives for all who depend on the earth.

Regenerative Agriculture


We know that creating a truly regenerative business starts by regenerating our land. By working with land and animal stewards who properly manage their flocks to mimic the predator/prey relationship in which prairie ecosystems evolved, we control how long sheep are in one place and how long until they return. As we responsibly and rotationally graze flocks on pastures, we restore the ecosystems and are able to cycle soil nutrients and create healthy land.

Our stewards’ farming practices allow grasses to grow long-root systems that feed our soil so we can be more resilient in times of drought, famine, and flood. In healing the land and giving nature a chance to work as it should, we regenerate the prairie. Ultimately, regenerated prairies mitigate climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon and putting it back into the soil to help balance the carbon cycle.

You can feel good purchasing our food and fiber knowing that your decision to support sustainable practices is helping restore the soil and save the planet.

Healthy Local Economy


Just as we care for our land and our animals, we care for the people involved in each aspect of our business, from the animal stewards and field workers to those who manufacture our end products. We purchase from regional producers and U.S. factories to help shrink the wage gap. As a result, all workers earn a living wage, even our part-time employees. Right now, we buy lambs at a very competitive market rate from small, independent family farmers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. 

Part of creating a regenerative business is ensuring that we are contributing to our local economy’s health and creating economic value. We know that the more money that goes back into the hands of ethical land and animal stewards, the better for their land, animals, families, and community. We’re committed to ensuring our producers, workers, and partners receive fair compensation because we believe we all benefit when they do.

It’s also vital that we respect the planet as we work to ensure our company is profitable and able to pay people fairly. We understand a good bottom line and ethical, climate-friendly practices don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Our farm and our partnerships are proving that ecology and economy must be in harmony, and caring for the earth and all who live on it can be a successful business model.

sheep grazing on midwestern grass under a blue sky, on a farm that practices ethical animal farming in lawrence, kansas