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The lamb box

We deliver delicious, humanely raised grass-fed lamb directly to your doorstep. Join a growing movement of conscious consumers who are loving their high-quality, sustainably produced meat subscription service. Enjoy your lamb meat knowing that we care about animals, our planet, and improving the livelihoods of farmers in the Heartland.

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These tender and delicious grass-fed lamb kabobs are grilled alongside juicy peaches and charred zucchini. Try our one-time delivery of The Lamb Box! Sign up for Central Grazing’s newsletter and get a code for a FREE cut of lamb and 20% off your order.

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roasted lamb leg recipe from central grazing company

Frenched rack with garlic, lemon zest, herbs & breadcrumbs

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roasted lamb leg recipe from central grazing company

Pasta with Pesto, Ground Lamb, Asparagus, and Peas

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our values

At Central Grazing Company, everything we do begins with the soil. We are exclusively committed to supporting regenerative farming practices and a sustainable, regional food system that allow us to produce food that respects the people working the land, the animals we care for, and the planet that sustains us all.

news from the farm

Despite the challenges facing farmers venturing into a more regenerative market, a growing number of consumers are turning toward sustainably sourced food. Central Grazing founder Jacqueline Smith is leading the charge toward building a model to overcome barriers to a regenerative food system with a plan to establish a community-owned meat processing facility.

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In 2022, the Douglas County Commission granted Central Grazing Company funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to develop a proposed meat-processing facility. In March, Central Grazing and local partners completed a feasibility study which determined that the prospective Kaw Valley Meats is indeed viable and would help underserved farmers while encouraging new entrepreneurs to enter the local food and farm industry.

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Steve Wilson, co-owner of City Wine Market in Lawrence, Kansas, shares insight into the role of sheep in wine vineyard and what qualities to look for in wines to find the perfect pairing for Central Grazing lamb, including specific recommendations for recipes in our catalog!

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sheep grazing on midwestern grass under a blue sky, on a farm that practices ethical animal farming in lawrence, kansas